About EZISEZIS is data total solution for Cloud DBMS Monitoring & Change Data Capture & Data Analysis

EZIS is Data Total Solution Provider

ezis beta version has launched in May 2020. Our first product is DBMS monitoring for Oracle, Maria, MySQL, PostgreSQL, You can use it for free and easily with a short installation proceess. We will also developing CDC, Data Integration, Data Monitoring service now. ezis will help you with Monitoring, Analysis, and Automation with easily and fast with cloud based system.


Data monitoring solution ezis

We provide monitoring system.


Cloud based Monitoring solution EZIS

The product is designed based on Amazon's Cloud Watch and Oracle's performance indicators without using an agent, so it can be monitored and analyzed immediately by installing the product.

Install with one-click. You don't need to worry about complicate installation. EZIS is the real cloud based monitoring system. We provide detail and powerful service for free. You can see the detail below and try it for free

Change Data Capture solution ezis

We provide CDC of heterogeneous DB via direct log file access

ezis Hetero Hub

Change Data Capture solution for heterogeneous database

CDC solution that can be used for making DR(Diseaster Recovery), Database migration, U2L(Ubuntu to Linux)

Hetero Hub does not use Oralcle DB Log miner or Trigger which is less powerful then directly access redo log file. Hetero Hub can access to redo log directly so we can serve real time CDC to your enterprise. Hetero Hub will support easy connection to cloud system and NoSQL based database for a big data.

ezis Hetero Hub

Process of ezis Hetero Hub

Real time , Redo Log Direct access , Heterogeneous DB replication

From Source System : Extract Data from source DBMS Redo logs and extract changes directl. DB Capture & Dispatch System : Capture changed data and transfer with our own standardized transfer manual. To Target System : Exchange transfered data to SQL and apply to target DB. Manage all the process with simple and Easy User Interface.

Big Data Analysis Solution ezis

We provide anlysis of data with drag & drop


Analyze data with Drag & Drop

Analyze data fast and easy

Machine Learnning & Deep Learnning / User friendly UX&UI with Drag & Drop / Directly analyze data from ezis monitoring and CDC

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