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Installing Database-Oracle

How to download and install Oracle

1) Access ‘Oracle site page (’.

2) Click ‘View Accounts’ at the top of the site. If you have joined Oracle, click 'Sign-In' to log in.

If you haven't signed up, click 'Create an Account' to proceed with your subscription.

3) The registration process is carried out by filling out the following information. 

Follow Oracle's instructions to check the mail.

4) Once Oracle subscription is completed, please log in.

5) Access ‘Oracle site page (’ and click ‘Support’ at the top.

6) Click ‘Software Downloads’ of ‘Lifetime Support Policies’

7) Click ‘Database 19c Enterprise/Standard Editions’ at the bottom.

8) Click and download 'ZIP' file that meets your PC's specifications.

9) Click the checkbox of ‘I reviewed and accept the Oracle License Agreement’ and click ‘Download’ at the bottom.

10) Unzip the downloaded file. Double click the ‘Setup.exe’ icon.

11) When you run 'Setup.exe', the screen above appears.

Click the check box of ‘Create and configure a single instance database’ and click ‘Next’ at the bottom.

12) Click the checkbox of ‘Desktop class’ and click ‘Next’ at the bottom.

13) Click the checkbox of ‘Use Virtual Account’ and click ‘Next’ at the bottom.

14) Enter the location where Oracle will be installed and password. Then click ‘Next’ at the bottom.

15) Click ‘Next’ at the bottom.

16) Click ‘Install’ at the bottom.

17) Installation will proceed.

18) Installation is complete. If the installation is completed normally, you can see this message.

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